Chronic Condition and Lifestyle Management Course

Chronic Condition & Lifestyle Management, Health Coach Track
In conjunction with the Motivational Interviewing Certification course, this course provides a certification as a Health Coach through UTHSC. It is suggested that the motivational interviewing course be taken first. This course offers an introduction to behavior change theory, chronic condition management, lifestyle management, health coaching strategies, and professional standards for health coaches. 
Who:  All non-clinical and clinical healthcare workers seeking to provide health coaching in a clinical or community health setting.
What:  A self-paced program with five modules that provides an introduction to chronic condition and lifestyle management.
When: This training is available now and can be completed at your own pace/convenience.
Where: Online training. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.
How: User-friendly text, narrated presentations, resources, review activities, and competency assessment of coaching skill set using a standardized patient.
Requirements for Successfully Completing the Course: Satisfactory completion of modules and competency assessment. The competency assessment is a Pass/Fail written response to a case study and is open book.
Health Coach Certification Level:  Individuals completing the Health Coach certification will be certified at the level that corresponds with their motivational interviewing competency assessment level: either Health Coach Level 1 (Client-centered), Health Coach Level 2 (Competent), or Health Coach Level 3 (Proficient).
Estimated time required: 10-12 hours
FEES: $450
Discount: We offer discounts to our research and community partners, as well as for volume. Contact Susan Butterworth at with inquiries.
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