Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing Certification Program

Training in motivational interviewing (MI) is the cornerstone of all our training and certification programs for non-clinical and clinical healthcare workers seeking to deliver more patient-centered and effective care. For that reason, it is a prerequisite for our health coach and community health worker training.

Who:  All non-clinical and clinical healthcare workers seeking to provide more patient-centered care.

What:  An interactive, self-paced program with six modules that provides comprehensive training and certification in the motivational interviewing approach.

When: This training is available now and can be completed at your own pace/convenience.

Where: Online. Training with partner activities completed by phone/conference call.

How: Lectures, practice activities, videoclips, partner activities with review questions, and competency assessment of coaching skill set using a standardized patient.

Requirements for Successfully Completing the Course:  Satisfactory completion of modules, assignments, and competency assessment, including standardized patient experience, mentoring, and feedback.

Certification levels provided:  All those completing course requirements will be certified as either Level 1 (Client-centered), Level 2 (Competent), or Level 3 (Proficient) in MI based on their completed competency assessment.

Estimated time required: 12 hours.

Fees: $750

Discount: We offer discounts to our research and community partners, as well as for volume. Contact Susan Butterworth at with inquiries.

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