Managing Aggressive Patient Situations (MAPS) is a 1-day Train the Trainer Program to meet the specific needs of health care providers and supported by a grant from Tennessee Hospital Association. MAPS was designed by clinical and mental health experts and integrates verbal strategies for de-escalation, communication skills, and simulation experiences in clinical settings. Other leading programs that teach de-escalation of aggressive behavior are designed for a broad audience and are not health care and patient focused.

Upon certification all trainers will receive a MAPS Teaching Packet which includes a power point presentation, handouts, learning activities, and a teaching guide. In addition, they will receive simulation videos developed based on examples of real-life hospital scenarios involving agitated patients. The certified trainers will be able to use these materials within their institution to teach classes.

Target Audience

Healthcare providers in hospitals or other facilities, faculty at universities, nurse educators

Learning Objectives

  • Gain awareness of the current state of health care violence in the U.S.
  • Understand how cultural awareness affects one’s view of the world and influences the clinician/patient relationship
  • Understand the role of self-awareness and self-reflection in managing aggressive patients
  • Identify cultural norms in response to anxiety
  • Use self-reflection to understand factors that contribute to feeling threatened
  • Differentiate between verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Identify common body languages used to communicate
  • Gain proficiency in use of therapeutic communication strategies • Differentiate between threatening and nonthreatening communication approaches
  • Gain proficiency in the use of strategies to reduce emotional confrontation
  • Understand the three stages of conflict (anxiety, verbal aggression, and physical aggression) with an emphasis on patients and their families
  • Implement appropriate strategies for diffusing aggressive behavior based on identified stage of conflict
  • Learn how to help the patient manage their emotions and maintain control of his behavior.
Session date: 
09/21/2022 - 9:00am to 5:00pm CDT
UTHSC College of Nursing - Crowe Building
874 Union Avenue
Room 208
Memphis, TN 38163
United States
  • 8.00 ANCC
  • 8.00 Attendance

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